KreaGeja is a handicraft store that offers lots of useful products that you can use at home. We also offer a lot of crafting items which you can use to develop a new skill or hone your natural talents through the materials that we supply our loyal customers. We can guarantee that all our products are available and ready to be shipped to you once you order.

Who We Are

We are a website that offers handcrafted products and art materials that you can purchase when you shop online. If you have surfed the internet for online shops like Lazada and Zalora, you already have a grasp of who we are and what we do. We are an e-commerce site that you can browse and shop in whenever and wherever you are.

What We Do

You can take advantage of ordering in bulk because we offer discounts and voucher codes for products that are sold and delivered to the same area. We are an online retailer of handcrafted products and home and art materials which you can use to teach yourselves how to do it or teach others a new skill.