We have a wide array of products that you can choose and purchase. You can browse our pages to check out and admire different varieties of items that we handcrafted for our customers. See the products that are tagged and marked. They are offered at a discount. Just use the voucher code included when you buy the item.

The best products in the world are those that are handcrafted and personalized according to the preference of the customers. If you can find a shop online that can give you handcrafted products for your home, then you better bookmark that shop and start supporting the store. This is because items that are created by hand do not come that often. In this day and age where machinery and technology reign supreme, there are still men and women who want to showcase their skills and make sure that the hands are still the best creators of products.

Conceptualization of the Business

Being a mom of two girls, the founder of the shop dreams of taking care of her daughters every single day. The problem is that she has work and she needs to quit her job in order to pursue a home-based life. But her dilemma lies in supporting her two lovely daughters. If she stopped working, then her family will suffer. This is why the website was born. She wanted to sell products at home and still create a loving and caring environment for her two daughters. It was her dream and because of her perseverance and determination, it came true.

Not only did her dream became reality but the business flourished as more and more people supported her business. There is a clamor for homemade products. Customers are now looking for items that are not created by machines but by skilled hands that can turn ordinary materials into extraordinary designs and products. Her home products are sold not just in the Netherlands but also around the world. We are selling products to Asia, America, Australia, and Europe. For bulk orders, we even give special discounts. So if you want to resell our items, do not hesitate to call or send us a message. We will gladly accommodate your queries about our products.


What Do We Offer

Our primary products are home items that are handcrafted by men and women in our team. These items range from table cloths, apparel, wardrobe, sofa covers, bed sheets, blankets, comforters, and the like. We also offer sculptures and other adornments for your home. We have wall ornaments, vertical stand-alone products, and other decors for your home. If you want to request for a different style of product, you can ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you cannot find the product that you are looking for in our shop, you can send us a message and we will check in our inventory if the products are available. We also do custom work. If you have special orders, feel free to make an inquiry over our contact page. 

Supporting People with Special Needs

As the company grows, we began to see the potential of our business to serve others. Two years ago, we added new members with special needs to our team. Most of the companies might reject them, but not Kreageja. We see them beyond their disability, and we are right. We took a vow to support the mission for people with special needs by working with companies having the same mission. Through these collaborations with zalora coupon ph, local establishments, and international companies, we can bring more job opportunities for them. They deserve our genuine help.

Special Discounts

We regularly have sales and promotional offering for our customers. Always visit our website because we always give away promo codes and voucher codes for our products. For those who signed up for opt-in, you will also get coupon codes on products so you better check your emails every day.

Opt In

If you want to receive voucher codes and other discounts when you buy our products, you should do an opt-in with us. We are offering our website followers lots of freebies and perks when you sign up on our website. Be sure to check your email every day to check if you received promo codes from us.